The Virgin Appears Over London...
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The Virgin Appears Over London, (Security Forces Investigate..)

One of the classic 'apparition' plays, Hersef appears in a strangely ruralised (the b&w is from my massrock series, of people making their way up the steep hillside) London scene, and I played with the dome becoming Her halo, and though you probably can't see in this resolution, a play on people queuing and reaching to touch a huge velvet cushion at Her feet (whereas in the original photo it's a man reaching to help a woman who I suppose has stumbled).

I like the crazed agression of the soldier (who's a Commando from the front of a comic-book), I had to dismember his right arm and reposition it to get him to point appropriately.

You might also notice that the yellow gorse actually belongs to the background, (Cork or Kerry I think), and that I've just detached it along a wiggly line and inserted these extra few layers of (un)reality.

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