The Professionals, #4
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The Professionals, #4
1988, 30 x 28 cm

I'm really not fond of this picture, probably because I feel it's so close to a form of politcal caricature, and thus much less interesting to me...

It's subtitled "Between You And me", which is lifted from a story I think, in the 'Professionals' Annual...

The black and white shot is another (or perhaps the same frame) of a few grabbed from a bus as it passed Long kesh (The Maze Prison) on the motorway (See the piece on 'Who Is My Enemy?').

I haven't exhibited this picture in years because I find it so simplistic, but people seem to like it, and it was featured on a leaflet by Ikon Gallery in Birmingham in the early '90's, where I was in a show with Black and Asian artists.

the original photo

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