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Newry Gagarin #7
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Newry Gagarin # 7
1992, 24 x 30 cm
the original photo

Though I've probably spent years of my life in darkrooms, (or perhaps because..) I was never very bothered about details of technique, being far more interested in just getting an image.

I'd never do test prints, rather just guess the exposure, and developing negatives I was inclined to stew them a bit to make sure, as I was often re-using and re-using chemicals, rather than risk lose a hard-won picture.

The result however is that many of my negatives are very contrasty ang grainy, and the lifelong lack of cash meant I was loath to dump less-than-perfect prints.

So here I had a very burnt-out print which to me suggested a moonscape, and went well with the London night scene with rockets, suggesting both the excitement and elation I had experienced as a (very occasional) teenage stonethrower, and the fearful, alienated, and unearthly feeling which was familiar at the time too.

Private Collection.

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