Newry Gagarin #6
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Newry Gagarin #6
1992, 46 x 30 cm
the original photo

These girls were photographed on a Twelfth of July in '81 I think in York St. in Belfast.
They're intoxicated by things including power, I suppose.

It was difficult to use both the spaceman and the space-station, which were missing fragments cropped off in the original page, but it helped to make a play of myself being sent spinning by the girl flailing her bag. I see now it's amusingly as if non-gravity came down to Earth around me. In the background is a landscape of Smolensk, from a Gagarin biography, with its original caption which says something like: "'s inhabitants were to find that its ramparts were no better a defence than the stout hearts of its defenders.."

It was bought some years ago by an artist whose work I admire very much, John Kindness.

Courtesy of John Kindness.

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