Newry Gagarin #12

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Newry Gagarin #12
1992, 46 x 30 cm

The black-and-white is a photo I took at a 'Mass Rock' in 1982 or 3. As I've said, I'm not sure about the tradition of the Mass Rocks, the story as I heard it was that during Penal times, when it was illegal to say Mass and priests were literally hunted, people would go to mass at a high point so they could see the soldiers coming. Now there's an annual event to commemorate.

This is a continuation of the Gagarin joke, slightly more fruity with my own face as the cosmonaut, and a second joke of the angel able to trip lightly over the clouds, while I, mere mortal, have a tight grip of the jet-pack.
This picture had nearly a page in an edition of 'Aperture' Magazine.

the original photo

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