Londonewry, A Mythical Town, #3
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Londonewry, A Mythical Town, # 3
1988, 19 x 28 cm

This has to do with a joke fantasy of being rescued by a Russian helicopter (partly because I Was A Teenage Marxist). The London stuff is actually three separate postcards of Piccadilly Circus quite artfully interleaved.

The black and white is another Mass Rock photo. Of course the Russian heli is a sort of antithesis to the British helicopters which dominated the skies of my youth. Unless you've experienced it you really can't imagine what an expression of power it is, and for safety they have often operated in threes.

This was a favourite, and one of the first collages I sold, but I part traded it for a beautiful painting by a Romanian artist called Horia Bernea, which I admire and enjoy very much.

NFS. Courtesy of Maeve Hall

the original sequence of photos

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