Londonewry, A Mythical Town, #22
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Londonewry, A Mythical Town, #19
1992, 10 x15 cm

At some point I had run out of 8"x10" and 11" x 14" prints of my photos to use in collage, and had noticed these postcards made up of tiny individual pictures, each about an inch by an inch-and-a-half. I realised that this is the size of 35mm contact prints, and was able to raid my sets of contacts for material for this and another work.

It was fun cutting such tiny images, especially under my little microscope, but the downside, I didn't really consider, was that this one for instance really took a fair proportion of the thinking and work that sixteen full-size montages would, and of course would never be able to be priced appropriately.

note- this image was previously wrongly titled

NFS. Courtesy of Seamus McGarvey

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