Cosmonaut Lands In Annalong Harbour, (Security Forces Investigate...)
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Cosmonaut Lands In Annalong Harbour,
(Security Forces Investigate...)

1993, 38 x 26cm

This picture of course funnily presages Irelantis, in the earthscape thing. I suppose I wanted to bring in a 'cosmic' aspect, with the huge area of space-sky, but then realised I had a problem with the masts of the boats cut off the top of the card. I solved it in an enjoyable way by making the atmosphere-edge of the earth oddly and yet sensibly become the border of visibility, where the earth-stuff just disappears. Reminds me of, and probably is partly inspired by, a marvellous South Bank Show, I think, on Heaney, where they plunged the camera into the bog-water, and then let it 'float' half-in and half-out of the water, so you see both below and above the surface, and I was so taken by the image I can still see it.

The original harbour is a John Hinde 'Giant' card, (red jumper!) about 8 x 6 inches, which are unusual to find and a pleasure to work with. The space-capsule landing is from a Ladybird book, and I like the mixture of stillness., excitement and tension with the two boys calmly contemplating the arrival, and the little police land-rover just sitting, watching.

Reminds me of Hausmann's remark, referring to Heartfield, that photomontage is "static film".

NFS. Courtesy of Seamus McGarvey

the original photo

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