Four Ideas For A New Town, #7
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Four Ideas For A New Town, #7
1987, 44x28cm

The building is the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank in London, built as part of the Festival of Britain in 1951.

It's a lovely building with concert halls etc and until lately, anyway, an excellent program of exhibitions. I'm fond of it too because I lived in the area for a long time and used to mooch around there a lot.
In fact, this montage has been exhibited inside that very building twice; in 1991 when I won a prize in the South Bank Photo Show and in 2000 in an interesting show called Revealing Images.

I was playing, obviously, with the flames and flowers.

Permanent Collection, Imperial War Museum, London.

(The picture is now owned by the Imperial War Museum, and for it and another to be borrowed for a show in London some years ago, I was told, a security expert had first to visit, and each picture was fitted with an in-frame electronic alarm - rather better treatment than when I moved to Dublin, with them all stuffed into two carrier bags..)

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