Four Ideas For a New Town, #5
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Four Ideas For a New Town, #5
1985, 30 x 36 cm

I think this is Baker St., or New Bond St. in London, anyway an urbane and 'civilised' scene, and into it I inserted one of those frames from the Bogside, along the lines of a fairly simple and classic inversion, to which montage lends itself. It's sort of saying: "how would you like it in your street?..."

At the same time I heightened the feeling with with the people looking out of the car- I was and am amazed by the paradox of toy packaging, with both intimations of (however unreal) violence, and at the same time childishly innocent and playfully pretty..

For me the faces looking out of the car (and I love the game of the separate three-dimensional views, it's from the box of a Chinese tinplate Mercedes) carried that business of the feeling of being at the same time at a safe remove from, and at the same time somehow involved or implicated in the moment, of violence, threat or whatever.

the original photo

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