seán hillen's
dublin bicykills

I couldn't help noticing these wounded and dead (well, vandalised is the word I think) bicycles whilst photographing for the untitled umbrella project.
I've tried to keep the beauty in them that I think I saw, but now I've looked at so many of them I find it dismaying that we've evolved into a society where this happens.
Of course, like the Umbrellas, this is another attempt at a Dublin Epiphany, and perhaps some bicyclic anthropomorphism inspired by Flann O'Brien.

These photos were gathered without great effort over the past couple of months.

Note: This is really a test gallery, with lots of duplicates and things to be added, so with all those health warnings, enjoy...

POSTSCRIPT:.... A sequence of these photos was featured in Ruan Magan's excellent film for the RTE TV series 'The Changing Face ofDublin' on 23rd. May.
On Saturday 1st. June Dublin Corporation ran this ad. in the Irish Times.

all pictures © Seán Hillen 2002