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Images produced
by students of Deansrath Community College
working with collage artist Seán Hillen.

Thanks to teachers Helena Collins and Susan Dennison, and Karen O'Reilly at Amnesty.


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Image 1:
Issues- General and broad issues of 'social inclusion' with regard to social and particularly cultural diversity.
The students felt strongly that they are in a newly muticultural society where opportunity is still not equal for all.
The idea here is of solidarity and of mutual empowerment.
Made using traditional 'paper collage' techniques, and slightly complex staged photography of the student group and the prop scissors and chain.. Composited, cleaned up and finished in 'photoshop'.


Image 2:
The students were very aware of an issue concerning the so-called 'extraordinary rendition' flights through Shannon Airport, and the broader issues of the use of the airport by the US military.
With a colonial history of our own and proud of our 'peacekeeping activities' etc,. the Taoiseach stands for all the Irish people who, however, don't really want to hear about the results of acting where our perceived 'national interests' lie.

Photoshop montage made using internet-found material and staged photography for the hand.


Image 3:
Regarding the general issue of the conflict in Iraq and US Imperial adventures..
The students were concerned about the war, and aware of the scandal of Abu Ghraib.
The conflict is so obviously disastrous and the US President such a 'bad joke' it lends itself to this kind of parody.
Pure 'photoshop' montage, using images from the internet including the infamous 'torture' photos.
Concocted in collaboration with the students and finished by Sean.
His trademark leaving of edges and joins reminds one that all so called 'realities' are indeed constructed...







BBC "who runs your world?":

BBC documentary (listen online) on 'secret wars'''- illegal 'renditions' etc..